Personal styling for every body!

As a make up artist, I work in the fashion bizz for over 10 years already. I’ve continually been surrounded by beautiful clothing, both designer and high street brands. And although I’ve always loved my professional surroundings, for a very long time, I wasn’t able to project that kind of sense of fashionable beauty onto myself. At that point, my body weight was in a fluctuating state of mind and I just didn’t know how to dress myself anymore. I couldn’t find many beautiful plus size options, and truthfully: I just gave up. I no longer cared about my exterior, and was happy with clothing that at least fit me. Nothing more, nothing less.

A mentality that could work for some people, and that’s cool, but if I was honest with myself: the lack of style was an extra smear on my (that time low) self-esteem.

Two years ago, both my boyfriend (at that time) and a close, stylish friend confronted me with my sloppy appearance. Remarks that kinda hit me straight in the face, because I knew they were truthful. I needed a change and so I started doing my research! I checked, on – and offline, how I could pump up my closet with pieces that would make me shine again! I asked stylists to help me out and shop with me, whenever possible. Since then, I adore creating my own style and surfing the net for pieces that suit me.


Zalando became a go to-place during my shopping sprees. Throughout the years, the popular webshop gathered an interesting range of inclusive brands, which makes me feel like I’m finally part of the game!! I’m worthy to participate in the world of styling.

IMG_3455Now, I can totally imagine that many of you don’t even know where to start on such a huge website (relating 100%!), and so Zalando developed an online styling service, called ‘Zalon’. The service is quite easy to use and guides you, with the right questions, towards a stylist that suits your style or event. You set a budget, let her/him know the extra details, and a few days later a huge box arrives at your place with different outfit options, according to your specified needs.

So, to test the service, I asked for a few outfits that are both smart, casual and in warm, autumn colors. Pieces that are easy to mix with my existing closet and feel comfortable enough to work in. What arrived was a major variety of tops, sweaters, bottoms, jackets and shoes! They spoiled me with several options and trendy pieces, and responded immediately when the fitting or size wasn’t right.

The cool thing is: the stylists know their brands! They have experience with the fittings, which is zo majorly important for us, plus size/in between ladies! According to all of your personal information (and loads of pictures), they also work WITH your body, instead of agàinst it. For example: I like my legs and waist to be accentuated, and my belly (that bloats quite quickly due to bowel and stomach issues) to be covered. A demand that isn’t easy! But my sweet stylist knew exactly which pieces to send me to fulfill these needs. IMG_3493

Having this personalized help is such a cool and eye opening thing, because they have a more objective view on your body and presence. They might hand you options you would have never thought of yourself, and often push you out of your comfort zone. As a woman with more curves, we often tend to stick with the same colors and shapes, which isn’t necessary at all! A stylist can help you find the courage and flair to go all the way and make you feel extra beautiful, stylish and comfortable again!



Outfit 1: blouse dress by G-STAR 
                Leather jacket by Maze
                High heel boots by Mint&Berry
Outfit 1: Dark red trousers by Anna Field
                Long sleeve top by S. Oliver
                Coat by Dorothy Perkins
                Short metallic boots by Dorothy Perkins
                Rose Gold earrings by TomShot
                Dark red bag by Dorothy Perkins


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