As you might know, eating disorders have been a part of my life for more than 15 years.

During these last few years of healing I shared my story in books, interviews, columns, during readings and speeches and day-to-day conversations. I did this for 2 main reasons: first of all, I believe that, by sharing my story, I can help others who struggle with the issue. Second of all, by sharing my feelings and experiences, I was able to create a beautiful community ànd feel more at ease with myself.

And so when the tv-channel Canvas asked me if they could make a video on my ‘life after eating disorders’ for the online platform of the show ‘RESET’, I didn’t hesitate much. It’s so important to show kids, youngsters and adults that mental sensitivities do NOT destroy nor determine your future! It doesn’t always make things easier, hell no, but you get stronger, you learn how to deal with what’s been given to you. And in some cases, they become a kind of blessing…

So without further ado…. The beautiful video made bij RESET….





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