Tour of Beauty – The Prologue

Per usual, excitement woke me up way before my alarm did.

It’s tuesday morning.

I stare at my phone and notice that someone didn’t take the effort to make his promised goodbye call. But I’m holding back the disappointment. Nothing new under the sun, and I can’t be bothered anymore. I wave away the feeling of unworthiness and concentrate on what’s laying ahead of me: 8 days of die-hard adventure, excitement, storytelling, and -hopefully- loads and loads of beauty. A more diverse kind of beauty, far away from our western superiority. Beauty that is ravishing, that teaches us relativism and put question marks where needed.

For many many years, I’ve been searching for the real meaning of beauty. Why it moves us, makes us insecure, why it makes us spend tons of money and affect our social, mental, physical and professional life. I love to query certain behaviorism, don’t want to dismiss them as an established fact. 

DSC_0103 copy

I’ve always been filled with idealism and the urge to unveil and inform. But until recently I observed everything from a Western, privileged point of view, and so looking past the blinkers feels incredibly necessary in this process!

As a human being, growth is essential. We should have the guts to put our noses in different directions, every time again, and inhale deeply. We should be able to downplay our own position and let new perspectives shake us up. 

We should be able to downplay our own position and let new perspectives shake us up. 

And so, that notion is taking me  on a brand spanking new adventure! ‘Finally!’, I’d say. Because I’ve been considering this for a few years now, but fear held me back, like it often does, until enthusiasm won me over!

With my series of stories, called ‘Tour of Beauty’, I want to interface with as many different cultures as possible. What does ‘beauty’ mean to them? How do they experience and perceive it? Which beauty ideals do they pursue? What impact does these ideals have on their lives? And which position do women hold in their community?

While I’m writing this, I’m on a plane, direction Istanbul, where we will continue our trip to the Turkish part of Kurdistan, right near the Syrian border. I’m nervous but determined. It all feels like kind of ‘coming home’, as if I’ve finally been able to give in to a true calling…

29344981_10155199447191496_923301252_nOfcourse, I’m not taking on the experience entirely on my own! My companions on this Kurdish adventure are no less than my own parents! They will help and guide me along the way, as translators and experience experts, since they know the area quite well and speak the languages fluently, while I can barely order 2 beers in Turkish.

So here we go,… Putting my anxiety aside to live my dream, and I gladly make you a part of it and take you on this journey with me!

All love,


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