Thank You Farmer – giveaway

Those who follow me on my personal Instagram (if you’re not, shame on you! :-)) must have noticed there is a new favorite on my beauty shelve! This Korean cult beauty brand is called ‘Thank You Farmer‘ and says to be all-natural and easy to use! Now, I’m always a bit hesitant to test new skin care brands, because of my reactive skin, but ever since I got to know ‘Thank You Farmer’ better, I’ve fallen in love. It’s that simple.

So to celebrate the new year ànd to let you participate in this pure kind of skin care love, I got a little giveaway for you, readers!

Would you like to receive a package with my favorite ‘Thank You Farmer’-items? Then follow these few simple steps:

  1. Follow ‘That’s Sway!’ on Instagram
  2. Follow on Instagram
  3. Post a picture on Instagram or my Facebook post of your purest you. No make up, no filter. And add the hashtag #theskinimin.
  4. Deadline of this giveaway: 2nd of february, 10am


For those who feel too shy to go without make up publicly, let me do a little kick-off:



All love,



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