Flirting with Sway

The afterpains of #metoo are playing up strongly, and it seems like people are having difficulties with seeing the difference between flirting and harassing. Some might state that it had become impossible to seduce someone, and that the whole ‘game’ has been wrecked. Because, you know, those damned assertive women, right?

So for those who feel blocked in their right to seduce by someone else’s right to feel safe, I wrote down a couple of respectful ways to flirt.

Sit down and learn.

  1. Ask the other person to dance with you. If it is a ‘no’, it’s a ‘no’.
  2. Buy him or her a drink. If she/he says ‘no’, accept the ‘no’.
  3. Invite her/him to go to a concert/movie together. If she/he says ‘no’, accept the ‘no’.
  4. Tàlk with each other, compliment each other, find common grounds and explore them.
  5. Crack jokes and have fun together. Humor is the quickest way to someone’s heart (or into someone’s pants, if that is what you both desire)
  6. If a kiss follows, don’t see this as an open invitation for sex. Read each other’s body language and react appropriately.
  7. Respect each others personal space. Out of the blue kisses or touches can feel extremely invasive.
  8. Send nice messages. Keep your uninvited penis emojis/pictures in your virtual pants.
  9. Don’t follow someone around. It’s annoying and down right creepy!
  10. Stop harassing people in the streets. To many this sounds quite obvious, right? To some it isn’t. 
  11. If you did go too far, say ‘sorry’ and méan it! Leave your ego at the door and express your apologies sincerely.


You are welcome.

All love,


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