My personal wishes for 2018

Own your sexuality

Let your curves please you

Your skin entice you

Fingers move you



the absolute right

to honor

every inch

of your wholesome body


Never body shame

Shadows come

in all shapes and patterns

No words

can justify

any cold intentions


Catch early morning oxygen

The untouched crispness

will blow away

all dark and foggy thoughts


Say no when you want to

Say yes when you want to

People don’t need no further explanation


Listen to hidden words

Catch secrets in musing eyes

We all carry the excess load

of untold pages


Strive for wealth in chances

Wear sunscreen

Invest in local produce

Dance the chicken dance at 2pm

Cook for your neighbour

Say thank you to your parents

Smile at your reflection


But above all


one thing:

No matter what your life choices are,

you are worthy.

Worthy of forgiveness

and second chances

Worthy of success and delicate touches

Worthy of humanity and attention

You are worthy

because you are here


And that on its own,

makes you

out of this world


All love


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