The Lingerie Files

Those who know me well, have seen me parading around in PrimaDonna lingerie more than a few times. Next to the fact that I’m quite exhibitionist by nature, I’m just always really proud of what the lingerie of PrimaDonna does to my body and mind: their pieces make me feel sexy, sultry, strong, confident, playful, beautiful and powerful. And to express these emotions I organized a shoot with some of my favourites of this season’s collection.

I wanted to keep things natural, with a hint of styling, and just a tad of post-production to delete the tags I forgot to take off (oops) and to erase the spilled make up underneath my eyes.

Before I release my pictures, I first want to say ‘Thank you’ to troopers Tom & Stijn for giving me the opportunity to shoot in their amazing house, to my mom for capturing my persona so accurately (whilst I’m such a difficult model), Atelier Clash for the amazing jewelry, and Robbie Depuydt for respecting my wishes concerning post-production!

You are all so awesome! -insert pouty lips-




DSC_1594DSC_1468DSC_1462DSC_1565_2DSC_1513DSC_1639DSC_1676 (1)DSC_1684


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