No More Fall Funk

Honestly, I’m counting down the days until spring is back in my life. I live for sun, warmth and long, longggg days! But no worries, I’m not gonna act all Depressed Debby on you. Instead I’m trying to find my pleasure and comfort in my closet, which I’m filling up with comfy vests, oversized sweaters, original textured trousers and injections of colour here and there.

So today we went shooting to boost my mood and tackle that fall funk….

All love,


_DSC1220 (2)
Coat, cap and scarf by Xandres xline

_DSC1205 (2)

_DSC1033 (2).jpg
Sweater and trousers by H&M


Knitwear and skirt by Xandres xline, tights by HEMA


Trousers by Soaked in Luxury, knitwear by H&M, scarf by Xandres xline,


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