All black Pirelli

Times are changing.

People are questioning discrimination, sexism and a lack of diversity in media and fashion.

Pirelli, the tyre company that is mostly famous for its spicy annual calendar, answered that worldy request for change already last year, by leaving the in-the-face nudity shots behind and selecting women with a story, with power, and portray them in a classic studio setting.

Seeing that change made me cheer like a little kid! Not that I mind me some nudity. Oh hell no! I love the human body! But sexiness is already everywhere, every day, mostly expressed by the same type of woman. Shit was getting boring! 

And so Pirelli decided also this year to ditch the habitual shoots and go for a story. And not just a story: a remake of Alice in Wonderland, by an all black cast! The images were shot by top photographer Tim Walker, who is well known for his fairylike pictures and dreamy productions.

Watch this backstage video and feel blown away!

All love



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