Sabine meets Xandres Xline: The Capsule Collection

Ok lovely peeps,

I’ve got news for you. Big news. HUGE NEWS! News that made me jump and wee my pants, all at the same time!

You must have noticed through my social media that Belgian fashion brand Xandres Xline and I have a special relationship. Since a couple of years, I’ve been their make up artist on multiple shoots, and lately I started wearing Xandres pieces regularly. My love grew fonder and fonder, realizing they are one of the few Belgian plussize brands that are actually interesting!

And then, very surprisingly I must say, my love got answered! The sweet people of Xandres Xline asked me to go steady and create something fresh together! Blown away by the question to create a small capsule collection, I immediately started contemplating, because for years and years I found it quite difficult to dress myself. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and just tried to hide myself under dark, cheap clothes (not that there is anything wrong with dark clothes, don’t get me wrong. But I wore them for the wrong reasons). There was no lightness, no class, no personality… I struggled for a long time.

So I wanted to change that up and design something fresh and young for my bigger ladies! During a trip to Mexico, I got inspired by crochet work and cactuses, which we translated literally into a beautiful photo print! I aimed for comfort and cuteness, pieces that would be easily interchangeable with everything else in your closet.

The capsule collection will be launched in February, but I could not keep this news a secret any longer! So I’m serving you….. my first teasers…..

Let me know what you think of it!






Gorgeous fellow model: Sinead @ Milk Management
Make up by MAC
Video by Event Photographers United


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