Oversize, Sporty Spice

For a long time, I was convinced that, as a curvy girl, I had to wear tight dresses to accentuate my lusciousness. And although those pieces made me feel quite sexy from time to time, they also raised my consciousness about my body, with all its lumps and bumps.

Nowadays, I feel so much more comfortable in items that give me room to breathe, to move, to run and jump around. I just don’t want to feel limited by my clothes anymore!

That’s why, on a nightly online shopping spree, I fell head over heels with this oversized sweater dress by Cheats and Thieves, a sporty and comfy brand with proper street cred.

Loving the combo of the colors and that oh so soft texture….



DSC_0217 (1)DSC_0225 (1)DSC_0252 (1)DSC_0316 (1)DSC_0324 (1)


Dress by Cheats and Thieves Womens at ASOS

Shoes by K-Swiss

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