Diversity on the catwalk: Eckhaus Latta S/S18

Almost 6 years ago, close friends Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta founded Eckhaus Latta, a designer label that never scares away from bold reality and frankness (check out their S/S17 campaign, featuring people having real sex whilst wearing the collection). Uneasy and shocking for some of us, but man, do I get excited by the look of this in the face realness!

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And so it should come as no surprise that the S/S18 runway of  Eckhaus Latta also demonstrated this preference for diversity and boldness,  expressed through their tailored yet relaxed, unisex collection, and the love for nudity and inclusiveness. Because yes, YESSS, the range of models Mike and Zoe used for their show was elaborate, going from young black girls, to more mature ladies, tattooed personalities and sexy curvy sisters! 

One detail though: Their sizing only goes up to an L…



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