Diversity on the catwalk: Chromat S/S18

New York Fashion Week just took off in first gear, yet my eye for diversity already got
caught by performance wear brand Chromat. Not just a name if I may say so! Through these last few years, Chromat has continuously been celebrated for its architectural and diverse approach on active wear with, amongst other things, multiple CFDA/VOGUE FASHION FUND recognitions and a place on ‘The Forbes 30 under 30 list of people who are reinventing the world’!

Whereas the other designers at NYFW still prefer slender models, Chromat stands tall with their diverse point of view and mixed, per usual, the casting up. It feels like such a breath of fresh air to notice that there really IS a place for diversity in shapes, sizes, gender, skin colour, whatsoever, on the runway! And while some designers (ab)use the trend on diversity just once or twice, Chromat stays consistent and injects their public image and social media with social activism, season after season! So it might not come as a surprise that Chromat’s pieces have been worn by stars such as Beyoncé, Madonna, FKA Twigs and many MANY more!

_CHR0071The S/S18 collection itself consisted mainly of bathing suits, mixed with skirts, leggings, little vests and denim pieces (2001 Britney Spears? Anyone?), to pump up the show! 

Now although I am totally excited about Chromat, I just had one concern after watching their S/S 2018 collection: those pieces would never fit my busty body! Let alone make me go out and be active on a saturday morning! The chances that my boobs would go southwards seems real, and that is not entirely what I’m looking for in a garment that celebrates bigger girls as well. Even on the runway you could see the difficult fit on the fuller girls, which discouraged me a bit. With an accent on ‘a bit’, because secretly I’m already saving for an outfit or two 😉



(Pictures by Vogue.com)


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