On my bookshelf: Dazed!

In times where we are eager to point fingers at magazines for poisoning our youth with impossible beauty standards, we also have to keep an eye on those who DO deliver diversity on all levels. Because in the fashion world, that often feels very untouchable, there really are high end magazines that have been producing a broader sense of beauty than what’s been injected by main media.

One of those periodicals that is always on my to read-list, is Dazed! Why? Because Dazed doesn’t scare away from subjects like sexuality, social activism or gender issues. Their fashion series give the cold shoulder to boring beauty rules and bring stories that are enlaced by diversity on so many levels: age, gender, skin colour, cultural background, body shape, etc The models have attitude, audacity, toughness, flair and frankness.

Putting black models on the cover without calling it ‘The Black Issue’.

Using fuller girls without calling it ‘The Curvy Issue’.

Portraying drag queens or gender-bending women and guys without turning it into a theme.

No labels, no stereotypical thinking,  yet room for young talents, activist and creative souls.

Dazed is freaking Sway!

Love, Sabine

Photography by HART+LESHKINA
Photography by Viviane Sassen
Photography by Dario Catellani
Sarah Piantadosi
Een bijschrift invoeren
Photography by Stef Mitchell
Photography by Fumi Nagasaka
Photography by Tom Johnson
Photography by Jack Davison
Photography by Tom Ordoyno
Photography by Hanna Moon
Photography by Tom Ordoyno
Photography by Roe Ethridge
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.45.32 PM
Photography by Coco Capitan
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.56.42 PM
Photography by Ben Toms
Photography by Zoe Ghertner
Photography by Ryan McGinley

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