Diversity is sway!

Diversity can change lives!

I think I’ve gotten pretty tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Of young, mainly white, slender girls, with perfect wavy hair, living in a so-called perfect, carefree world on social media. As if there is always this direct correlation between being white/slender/young and having an awesome life. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these -often hardworking- ladies, even more so: I have the privilege of calling a few of them my friends. But the lack of diversity bores the crap out of me. I miss seeing fashion trends on people of all sizes. I miss seeing non-white women (and men) in commercials and in powerful positions. I crave for more reality, for beauty in a broader daylight. Beauty hidden in different cultures and religions, in different ideals, in different stories, in being different tout court. Dreams shouldn’t be cookie cutter, they should be individual. And we, as adults, have the obligation to show youngsters that their dreams, their persona, their looks and their feelings are just as valuable, cool, trendy and sway. They deserve a platform…and that’s what I wanna create….   DSC_0717 (1)





Since the age of 16 I’ve been struggling with eating disorders; anorexia and bulimia nervosa were my reality for way too long. My body became my enemy, my subject of abuse, and there was no respect left, no love, no partnership. The desire for control had taken over because I wanted to be perfect in every possible way, and according to media perfect meant ‘slender’. So there I went…. My perfectionism turned me into a monster. It took me about 15 years to deal with those disorders, and since I finally slammed them, I started questioning myself…Why is it that we, in our Western society, link happiness and perfection to being white, young and slender? Why do we think that being big is the synonym of failure? Why do we feel threatened by the look of someone with another skin tone? Why is diversity still an exception rather than a given, or just an annual theme for magazines that wanna make some sort of an effort?

The desire for control had taken over because I wanted to be perfect in every possible way, and according to media perfect meant ‘slender’.

Because media, classic ànd social, still mainly reward those who correspond to our Western beauty ideals, and so we’re stuck in this vicious circle.

Now, luckily things are changing, bit by bit. Still at a slow pace and often slammed by a lot of resistance, but damned the perseverance of several gorgeous personalities, on- and offline, is real! They are flaunting their power, their intelligence and personal beauty with so much enthusiasm and honesty, it makes me jump for joy! Swayness in every sense of the word!

Diversity can change lives, glitz and glam should not be for the happy few, and we all deserve representation and adventure! I wanna make it my personal goal to listen, to learn, to travel around the world and to be part of this movement of change!   

All love,



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